average dinner time

What Time Does The Average American Family Eat Dinner?

American families are very different from other countries. They are so busy. Usually, they go to work every day, have dinner and go to bed. With this busy life, they could not manage their dinner on time. Most of the people asking this question, that average dinner time of American people.

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average dinner time

What is the average American family dinner time?

Usually, it’s around 6.30 pm. It depends on the family; I’m not sure there’s anything like a “normal” American family.

Overall, Americans tend to eat earlier than Southern Europeans (say less than a month). 6 or 6:30 is the normal time. In a family with young people and two working parents, it may be too late. It is also common for family members to eat separately, especially when children are busy with activities and other activities after school.

Middle Easterners are known to eat earlier than Northeastern people, but this is a generalization and stereotype. However, you will often find people eating dinner at 5:30 inches, for example, more than you do on the Iowa coast. (When I was in college in Iowa and living in hostels, the dinner service started at 4:45.)

Some families eat at 7 or 7:30, especially those without children at home. Another stereotype (with great truth in its heart) is that older, retired people eat earlier: maybe 5:30 or more is the norm.

average dinner time

Is it true that in USA people have dinner at around 6:30pm?

Yes, it is true. As I mentioned, above the American family average dinner time is around 6.00 pm-6.30 pm. Most American family usually has breakfast around 7:00 and then lunch around 12:00 and then dinner around 6:30, but holiday and birthday dinners are usually around 7:40 Is caused by trying to pump more of them in or out.

What is best time to eat dinner for USA people?

When is the best time to have dinner? Most of the doctors say that “you should have dinner four or five hours after lunch”. If it falls to 5. To 6 p.m. Window, you hit the last hour before your body’s metabolic rate slows down. This is not about USA people, this is common health advice for all people. So I think USA people getting their dinner on time.


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