is dim sum gluten free

Is Dim Sum Gluten Free ? [Explained]

Dim Sum is a large range of traditional, small Chinese dishes, enjoyed over brunch in the restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Also, it consists of a variety of bite-sized options served with hot tea. Most people have often eaten it with family-style, that means small dishes are passed around with table and shared with everyone and they try it everything little bit. The most popular items of that dim sum menu include Dumplings and steamed buns. let’s talk s Dim Sum Gluten Free?

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There are over a thousand Dim Sum dishes available in the world. As an example,

  • Crispy fried vegetarian spring roll
  • Vegetarian Steamed buns
  • Shrimp Egg roll
  • Shrimp dumplings (Streamed Dumpling with shrimp filling)
  • Chive Dumplings (Streamed Dumpling with Chinese Chive)
  • Xiaolongbao (Dumpling containing a rich both and filled with meat or sea food)
  • Dumpling soup (Soup with one or two big dumplings)
  • Sweet Cream Bun (Steamed bun with milk custard filling)
  • Turnip Cake
Is Dim Sum Gluten Free ? [Explained]

Some restaurants serve dim sum as breakfast early as five in the morning. While more traditional restaurants normally served dim sum mid-morning until mid-afternoon. Also, most of the restaurants are common for dinner. There is a question, people ask more times, Is dim sum gluten free? After reading this article you can get the best knowledge about that.

What are dim sums made of ?

In addition to traditional dim sum, most chefs prepare new fusion-based dim sum dishes. Most of the traditional dim sums and dumplings are cook with based on Flour like wheat, barley, and rye. And also, the Modern versions of buns include cucumber, green onion, ginger Sause, cilantro, chili lamb buns. Dumpling Include snow pea shoot and shrimp dumplings, Chili crab with fried garlic, caviar, dumpling staffed with shrimp peanut, gold leaf, and egg white. Also, dim sum can purchase in groceries and stores in major cities. They can easily cook by steaming, frying, or microwaving.

Is Dim Sum Gluten free or not ?

Gluten is a combination of protein, contains in grains like wheat, barley, and rye. Including entire genius crossbreeds and others. Gluten is a mixture of protein in cereal grains called prolamins and glutenin. Both are insoluble in water. In wheat, mainly contains prolamins, this prolamin are called gliadins and glutenin. Both are major groups of glutenin. Also, barley prolamins are called hordein, and rye prolamins are called scaling. Oats do not contain gluten, but they contain different types of prolamins. In Addition, seitan, Triticale, and mir also contain gluten. Gluten provides elasticity of dough, assisting it to rise and retain the springy and rubbery consistency of the product.

The most common foods contain gluten like breakfast cereals, baked slices of bread, cakes, pastries, muffins and cupcakes, types of rolls, bread crumbs, noodles, and chapatis, and rotis. Frozen or canned foods in the groceries, displayed word of gluten on the package or cans.

According to that description, Most of the Dim sum and dumplings are contained with Gluten.  Typically, if you eat foods that consist of gluten, you may face some disease, called Celiac Disease. Celiac disease is a type of autoimmune disease and kind of food intolerance. It’s called gluten intolerance. 

According to that, It likes to seem gluten contains everywhere, added to almost all prepared and processed foods. But there are many gluten free foods like poultry, red meat, fish seafood, egg, and fresh frozen vegetables. In addition, dairy and soya bean products, nuts, and seeds are always naturally gluten free. White rice, black rice, basmati rice, jasmine rice, Indian ricegrass, potato, buckwheat are also gluten free seeds. You can use Balsamic vinegar to make foods, and it should be safe on gluten free diet. Xanthan gum is gluten free and turns stretchy when wet. Also, it makes cakes and pastries, softer and less crumby. Finally, if you can use this type of gluten free wheat and ingredients to make dim sums and dumplings, you can minimize celiac diseases and you can enjoy with delouses dim sum together with all of your family. 

Gluten Free Dim sum recipe

As mentioned, previously, there are many kinds of dim sum and dumpling dishes available in the world. Following recipes are some kinds of gluten-free dishes.

Chinese steamed sponge cake.

  • Vegan Butter (For greasing the cake pan)
  • 250g Gluten free self-rising flour.
  • 50g cornstarch
  • 100g coconut sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • little of gluten free baking powder
  • Small Pinch of baking soda
  • 04 large eggs
  • 100g vegan butter
  • ¼ rice milk
  • Pinch of vanilla extract

How to make Cake batter

  1. Heat the rice milk in a pot and add in the coconut sugar, vegan butter, Maple syrup, and vanilla extract. Mix and combine it until the coconut sugar is melted. Set aside to cool.
  2. Insert to bowl all the dry ingredients, and mix it well.
  3. In another bowl beat the eggs with a mixer on high speed.
  4. Add the rice milk mixture into another mixture and whisk and mix it well.
  5. Then mix dry ingredients, to the rice milk mixture and whisk it with all by using a mixer until getting a smooth texture.

For steaming the sponge cake

Firstly, lightly grease the cake pan using some vegan butter. Line the bottom and sides in the cake pan using baking paper and also grease the vegan butter as well. Put In to cake batter into pan and tap the pan well until remove large bubble and rest it 30 minutes. Cover the cake fan by using aluminum foil and secure the side to the cake pan.

This is important to prevent touching the foil when the cake batter is arising and avoid uneven cake surface from water vapor. After that heat up the large streaming rack and fill it with 2/3 water and bring to a rolling boil. Please hardly ensure that there is enough water for the streaming process. Also, steam it medium-high temperature, for 50 minutes. Finally, let the cake rest the 10 minutes and slice it into 12 pieces and serve. I think it gives a very delicious and fantastic dim sum experience to you.

This is one of the gluten free dim sum recipes and there are a thousand varieties of dim sum recipes in the world.


Dim sum is a large range of traditional and Chinese dishes with a variety of flavors. Most dishes are made using flour and other things, consisting of gluten. Many people ask, is dim sum gluten free? The answer is No, Most dim sum dishes with Gluten. Because most common foods consist of wheat, and other seeds contain Gluten. There is a possibility to arise celiac diseases like food intolerance. People can minimize that type of disease using gluten free ingredients to cook foods.

If someone has a question about is dim sum gluten free or not, I think they can get a good knowledge of that matter.

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