Why Can’t I Eat In The Morning

Why Can’t I Eat In The Morning? [Reasons]

Breakfast is the first meal of the day eaten after waking from the night s sleep, in the morning. The word in English, Breakfast means breaking the pasting period of the previous night. Most people say that is the most important meal of the day. But you can take it or leave it as your choice. Most people are asking, why I can’t eat in the morning? Many reasons are affecting this matter. Sometimes lack of hunger may be a serious case, also no issue of most likely normal. This article, will explain 6 reasons why can’t I eat in the morning?

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7 Reasons, why you are not hungry in the Morning?

Why Can’t I Eat In The Morning

01. Eating right at least 2 hours Before bed.

One of the main reasons Why you may not feel hungry, Eating right before at least 2 hours of bed. Also, sometimes you get a large dinner. It feels you full in the morning. If you get dinner with high protein and fat, these nutrients can slow the emptying of your stomach and keep you feeling fuller even the next morning.  

02. Eating snacks after dinner.

If you have snacks late at night, it may feel full in the morning. Can you get a full dinner with green and yellow food with a good source of protein, whole grains, and vegetables, Not want snacks late at night. If you feel hungry after dinner, Drink a glass of water or herbal tea. Also, you can choose to eat fruits or green light snacks like vegetables.

03. Changing hormone levels at overnight

Sometimes your hormone levels are changing in overnight. According to this, you feel not hungry in the morning. Ghrelin level (Hunger hormone), leptin level is mainly affected to change your appetite. Finally, note that hormone fluctuations are natural and usually case for changing hunger or appetite situation in the body.

04. Feel anxious or Depressed

Anxiety and depression always significantly affect the hunger level. Also, sleep disturbances, loss of interest, and fatigue can cause appetite change. But in this case, sometimes these reasons are affected by the increase in the appetite and food intake of the person. As an example, if you cry at the night for some problem, in the morning you do not feel hungry.

05. Pregnancy

If you are pregnant, Morning sickness is a common issue with nausea and vomiting. It will reduce your hunger and appetite in the morning.

06. Suffering Illness

Some illnesses are reduced your hunger level because if you are sick, sometimes maybe vomiting and loss of taste. When you are sick, soup, hot tea, banana, and crackers are good for your stomach, and try that when you are feeling not well.    

07. Getting Older

Decrease your appetite and morning hunger because of older ones. Adults can be caused by changing energy needs, hormones, taste or smell, and social circumstances are affected to less of morning hunger and appetite level.

Ovulation, taking certain meditation, having thyroid issues, and having chronic conditions are a few other reasons to decrease hunger in the morning. Also, if you think these reasons are not related to you, please talk with a health care professional and get medicine.  

Is it OK not to eat Breakfast?

Breakfast is the main meal of the day.” Nutritionists said This is the myth. If you want to skip breakfast, you can skip it. But if you get a healthy breakfast, you have some advantages, also if you skip your breakfast, you have some disadvantages. If you get breakfast, tend to have healthier habits. For example, they are less obese, less overweight, and low risk of chronic diseases like gastritis. Also, it helps to meet their nutritional needs. According to these reasons, many experts are said breakfast must be good for you.

Why Can’t I Eat In The Morning

Also, sometimes, getting alcohol, smoking, reduces hunger and if you don’t take breakfast, it was not good for your health. According to that, on average, most breakfast eaters are healthier, it may not have anything to do with breakfast. Some people believe getting breakfast is Click-start for the Metabolism. But This is a myth. Also skipping breakfast is part pasting protocol. Fasting can have numerous health benefits. 

The final answer for Is it OK not to eat breakfast? Most of the breakfast eaters are healthier and it doesn’t really matter if you skip or eat breakfast.   

How can I increase my appetite in the morning?

  • Start the day with your favorite fruit or fruit juice, Smoothie, or healthy muffin.  
  • Drink Plenty of glass of water with a squeeze of some lemon after waking up. It will increase your appetite and hunger.
  • Try not to eat heavy dinner at night and start with an exercise in the morning. If you can go run, it will make you hungry. Also, make sure to eat something healthy and delicious.  


Most people say They can’t eat in the morning. There are more reasons that affect the reduce morning hungry and appetite. Also, there is a myth in society about getting breakfast and skipping breakfast. In this article, there is a description of these matters and I think you can get the best knowledge about the question of why can’t I eat in the morning?

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