Why strawberry milkshake is bad

Why strawberry milkshake is bad? (Explain)

Milkshakes are made by blending milk, ice cream, and chocolate syrup or by adding fresh fruits. Sometimes we use flavorings and sweeteners as caramel sauce and butterscotch. Truly, milkshakes are too sweet. There are a lot of kinds of milkshakes. Chocolate milkshakes, vanilla milkshakes, cool mint shakes, blueberry, triple nut caramel shakes, and more. But today we are going to talk about Strawberry milkshakes. So from this article, you will know, more about strawberry shakes and why strawberry milkshake is bad for our health.

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Why strawberry milkshake is bad for your health?

There are certain concerns that using strawberries in large amounts maybe extend the bleeding period and raise the threat of yellowing, hemorrhage in some people with bleeding conditions. So be careful to not add a large number of strawberries to your milkshake. Moreover, using and eating strawberries may cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive. Actually, some people have allergies to strawberries. So make sure to check with your doctor before taking large amounts of strawberries.

Why strawberry milkshake is bad

As well as, adding strawberries in a large quantity may slow your blood clotting. There are some concerns that it influences to increase the accidental bleeding for the duration and after surgical treatments. So if you are going to have surgery, do not eat or drink strawberries at least 2 weeks before the planned surgical treatment.

Not only those things, but also, strawberries are very sweet, and when we make a strawberry milkshake, we use strawberries plus sugar as well. So the sweetness of the milkshake becomes to an exact high level. A high level of sweetness is very bad and dangerous for our health. That’s why the strawberry milkshake is bad for our health.

Disadvantages of Strawberry milkshake

Here are some disadvantages of strawberry milkshake

  • High in sugar – Strawberries are very high in sugar which means about 7g in each cup and as well as sugar doesn’t deliver energy to your body.
  • Low in calories – Adding strawberries to your milkshake may be an ineffective method to get the calories to your body that you want.
  • Bleeding disorders – Adding large amounts of strawberries maybe extend the bleeding period and raise the threat of yellowing.
  • Low in protein – Strawberry is very low in protein by means of nearly 1g in each cup.
  • Low in fat – One cup of strawberries give less than .5g of fat.
  • Large amounts of strawberries may cause allergies to some people.
Why strawberry milkshake is bad

Does strawberry milkshakes have side effects?

The simple answer is “YES”. The taste and the appearance of strawberries are heavenly delicious. Everyone likes to taste as well as the appearance. But a lot of people are don’t know about that, strawberries can be harmful to our health. The most unknown problem about strawberry milkshakes among people is, does strawberry milkshakes have side effects?  Yes, strawberry milkshakes have some side effects. So let’s check out what are the side effects of strawberry milkshakes?.

  • Too much fiber – Excessive fiber can be harmful to the body.
  • Allergies – You can face food intolerance by strawberries.
  • Risk of insecticides – The coating of pesticides of strawberries may be harmful to our bodies.
  • Burn senses in the mouth – You have to be careful about the raw strawberries, because raw berries may burn sensation in the mouth.
  • Damaging to the kidneys – An excessive amount of potassium can damage your kidneys.
Why strawberry milkshake is bad

Is strawberry milkshake affected to eye color?

Fresh and juicy Strawberries are always very useful to change the color of our eyes. Since strawberries hold plenty of vitamin C. furthermore Vitamin C helps to give good eyesight too. So if you add some strawberries to your milkshake, it will be a good opportunity to change your eye color.


I hope you learn why strawberry milkshake is bad. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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